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About linvanoak - Digital Image Creator



University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
Master of Arts MA (2007)

Media and Communication, Journalism, Economics.


Adobe Creative Cloud

DAZ Studio Pro

E-on Vue Infinite

Final Draft

Nvidia Iray

Otoy Octane Render

Pixologic Zbrush

Sony Vegas Pro

Video Copilot Elements 3D



German, English, French

Native: Swiss German


linvanoak is interested in collaborating with agencies and producers on local and international projects.

The origin of "linvanoak"


The artist´s alias "linvanoak"™ is a combination of a shortened version of the artist´s real family name and the origin location of his family in Switzerland.


The youtube channel linvanoak was created on August 14th 2006.


"linvanoak productions"™ was established as a brand in 2007.

Areas of expertise


linvanoak has acquired diverse skills in preproduction, shooting and postproduction to produce independent projects on his own.

In the last years the focus has shifted from video production towards photography and computer graphics. As a Digital Image Creator linvanoak uses various tools and software that are best suited for each project.

Area of special interest


The combination of Computer Graphics (CG) with live action is linvanoak´s area of special interest.

He has gained experience with masking, chroma key, green and blue screen workflows in various  image compositing, photography and short film projects.

The acquired skills in VFX, computer graphics design, modelling and animation allow different creative approaches for any design task.


The four year general education in the fields of Media and Communication, Journalism and Economics at the University of Fribourg offered linvanoak a vast knowledge on how the press and media work together with politics and social groups.

The focus of the department of Journalism at the University of Fribourg was on a practical education offering workshops with acknowledged Swiss journalists in the areas of print, radio and tv.

In his master year linvanoak specialised in the arts of film, tv and press photography. To improve his practical skills he worked at "Unicam" - the student tv of the University of Fribourg.


He gained experience with the production of live and online tv shows, journalistic researches, camera operating and editing.


After buying his own videocamcorder he published his first short films under the label linvanoak productions in 2007.