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Compositing - Photomanipulation

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Combining live action images with computer graphic elements

The art of photomanipulation combines different image elements in dedicated image editing applications like photoshop.

Combining 3D scenes with live action images requires further attention to detail.

- Cameras and lenses

Real life cameras and lenses each have their unique properties depending on parameters like focal lenght, F-Stop and shutter speed.

The goal is to match the parameters of the cameras in the 3D scene as closely as possible.

- Light situation

When combining 3D elements with photographs light sources in the 3D scene are set up to match the light direction and strenght of light sources found in the real world.

- Shadows and Reflections

To catch shadows and reflections in the 3D scene invisible matte objects are used. Some render engines also offer the option to render out shadow and reflection passes.

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Render engine specific compositing options

Some applications used to calculate computer graphic images offer different advanced tools that provide more flexibility in the post production stage.

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- Lighting passes

For each light in the 3d scene a separate layer pass is rendered out.
This makes it possible to adjust the effect of each light even after the passes have been rendered out by adjusting the layer strenght of the pass in photoshop.

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- Beauty passes

Rendering out separate passes for direct and indirect lights, shadows and reflections, subsurface scattering, refraction and transmission makes it possible to further fine tune the image in postproduction.

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Creating CG / VFX content depends on the work and efforts of a whole community of content, plugin, addon and software developers.

Composited, edited and rendered in E-on vue, Pixologic Zbrush, Daz Studio and Sony Vegas.

Additional CG content licensed for use by DAZ 3D and Cornucopia 3D.


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