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Creating computer graphics includes the following steps:

Geometry: Creating 3d models

Morphs: Editing the shape of 3d models

Shader building / Material Editing: Editing the surface of 3d models

Posing / Animation: Move and place 3d models in a scene

Lighting: Light the 3d models

Rendering: The process of calculating the images in a reasonable time - quality relationship

Compositing: Combination of computer graphics with live action (real life photo or video footage)

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Specialised software is used for specific tasks:

E-on Vue Infinite (Creating and rendering CG environments, image und video)

Pixologic ZBrush (Creating and editing of 3d models)

DAZ Studio (Animating and rendering of 3d models, image and video)

Otoy Octane Render (Rendering of 3d models, image and video)

Adobe Creative Cloud Applications (Postproduction, Compositing)

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Using customized licensed 3d content
The images featured in this portfolio depend on the work of a whole community of content providers, plugin and addon creators and software developers.
The use of licensed content in computer graphics productions offers the chance to lower the amount of time and costs needed for each project.
In specialised software morphs and shaders are used to achieve a custom designed unique look for all licensed 3d models in a reasonable time - cost relationship.
With huge libraries of 3d content allready available there are endless possibilities to combine assets to create the desired image.
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Creating a custom material for a licensed 3d object

Licensed 3d objects are often provided with some default material choices.

With the help of dedicated computer graphic applications and render engines it is possible to alter the physical material properties of any material to achieve a desired unique look.

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Additional Information:

Creating Computer Graphic Images combines many different Jobs found on any Photography and Movie Set

This quick overview gives an idea how many different jobs are combined when creating computer graphic images and animations from idea to post production:

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Computer Graphics Anwendungen

Eine Übersicht in deutscher Sprache auf die verschiedenen Computer Graphics Anwendungen, welche linvanoak benutzt, finden Sie hier:

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Creating CG / VFX content depends on the work and efforts of a whole community of content, plugin, addon and software developers.

Composited, edited and rendered in E-on vue, Pixologic Zbrush, Daz Studio and Sony Vegas.

Additional CG content licensed for use by DAZ 3D and Cornucopia 3D.
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You can find the credits of each image on facebook:

Watch the latest linvanoak CG, VFX, chromakey / greenscreen videos on youtube:

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